Why I Decided to Learn Programming?

I have always been interested in technology - I just never had the guts to go through with it. I studied International Business Management (with a concentration in Marketing) because with a business degree you can do anything, right? While I don’t regret it because it did give me many skills that I wouldn’t want to miss, I always secretly wanted to be in IT.

From college, I went on to work in online marketing, a little bit more related to technology while still being in the field I was studying. Also, Berlin was a good place to find good internships in marketing. From Online Marketing I went on to build WordPress sites - definitely more technology-related but still not full-blown programming.

Here I am, now, finally following my dream, and studying to become a Full Stack Developer (it sounds so cool when you say it out loud).

My previous years dabbling with the command line, learning bits of Git and doing HTML and CSS, have definitely made things easier for me. Right now I just feel like I’m putting all the knowledge together that I have sporadically accumulated over the years. Working on small arduino projects and RPIs has really helped me understand computers better and made me fall in love even more with programming.

One thing I really love about programming is that you get to solve problems all day just with the knowledge you’ve gathered over the years and you get to build something that works well. I’ve also grown to like structuring my code well and commenting on it so others can see and understand what I’ve done (I’m kind of a neat freak).

Learning Back- and Front-End Development can be quite challenging at times but the passion, the community, and small and large accomplishments along the way have really helped me stay on track and work as hard as I can. I’m not afraid of a challenge, and whatever programming is going to throw at me, I’m ready for it.